Azure Programming Tips

How to Reduce Azure VM Cost?

Are you frustrated with increasing Azure cloud costs? For most Azure workloads, the biggest factor affecting the cost is the Azure VM resource. However, it is possible to reduce VM cost by adopting a set of strategies in provisioning and using the VM resources. This article provides 10 tips you can use today to reduce […]

How to Store a File as an Azure Vault Secret

Azure vault offers a highly secure way of storing secrets used in your applications. Azure vault natively supports keys used in encryption, SSL certificates or simple text secrets such as passwords. It is easier to use azure vault secrets in applications deployed under Azure app service. You can simply specify it as a key vault […]

How to Use Azure CosmosDB Management API SDK for Python

Azure provides an excellent portal for managing various cloud resources. If you are working with CosmosDB database accounts, you will be familiar with the powerful interface available in Azure portal. Sometimes you may need to access some of the CosmosDB management features programatically. If you plan to build something on the command line, you can […]

How to Download Blobs from Azure Storage Using Python

Azure blob storage offers a cheap and reliable solution for storing large amounts of unstructured data(such as images). Blob storage has no hierarchical structure, but you can emulate folders using blob names with slashes(/) in it. In this article, I will explore how we can use the Azure Python SDK to bulk download blob files […]

How to Upload Files to Azure Storage Blobs Using Python

Azure storage blobs offers a very cost effective and fast storage solution for unstructured data. It is an ideal solution if you want serve content such as images. It is also possible to speed up content delivery performance using Azure CDN service with it. Before running the following programs, ensure that you have the pre-requisites […]