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Tips to Build Fast Web Applications

Introduction – The Need for Fast Web Applications If you are a web developer building public web applications, it is very important to consider site performance as one of the primary requirements. A faster web application provides better customer experience and can lead to higher revenues. Site performance is also important for better visibility in […]

How to Capture TCP/IP Network Traffic From Kubernetes Pod

If you have applications running as containers in Kubernetes clusters, you may come across scenarios where you want to monitor or analyse raw network traffic. This is usually needed if your containers are making outbound API calls and you find random connection issues with your API calls. If you are using public cloud providers such […]

NextJS Build Issues with Mac M1 and Docker Desktop

While developing a NextJS web application with Mac M1 and docker desktop, I faced a number of issues. This article summarises the problems and how I solved it. The first issue I faced was during the docker container build from the NextJS folder with a Dockerfile. I used the following command to build the container […]