Google Cloud Programming Tips

Display Google Analytics Real time Users in Console Using Java

This is a step by step tutorial on accessing Google Analytics Real time API from Java. The sample code below prints the real time users on a Website using Google analytics real time API. This display is updated every minute on the console. This code is useful if you are building any kind of real […]

How to Create Google Cloud Storage Signed URL In Java

Google cloud storage is a powerful and simple cloud based object storage API available as part of the Google cloud platform. Following are some of the key benefits of Google cloud storage, Multi-regional storage enables geo-redundant storage of objects with highest availability. This ensures availability of data even in the case of large scale natural […]

Automatic Backup of Compute Engine Persistent Disks in Google Cloud Platform

There are two ways to create a backup snapshot of compute engine persistent disks. You can either take a snapshot from the Google cloud console or run gcloud snapshot command from the command line.  The following command creates a snapshot (backup) of the disk named "mydisk1" created in "asia-east1-a" availability zone, gcloud compute disks snapshot […]