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How to Add or Remove Columns from Sqlite Tables

Sqlite is a lightweight and powerful database engine. It is used mobile platforms such as Android and iOS as the default database engine. In many of my Android applications, I use pre-populated sqlite databases for data that changes rarely. As I released new versions of the app, sometimes I had to add, remove or rename […]

How to Capture TCP/IP Network Traffic From Kubernetes Pod

If you have applications running as containers in Kubernetes clusters, you may come across scenarios where you want to monitor or analyse raw network traffic. This is usually needed if your containers are making outbound API calls and you find random connection issues with your API calls. If you are using public cloud providers such […]

MongoDB Date Comparison Query Examples

In this guide, I will show you various examples of date comparison based queries in MongoDB. If you use MongoDB in your projects, I highly recommend bookmarking this page as a quick reference for date comparison queries. For the following MongoDB query examples, I will use a collection representing products created in an e-commerce system. […]

How to Run Selenium Python in MacOS Using Chromedriver

Selenium is a popular browser automation tool. It uses a browser client to simulate traffic to a website. It is commonly used for automating browser based web application testing and scrapping content from websites. Selenium is an open source library and it is available for use with multiple programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, Ruby, […]

5 High Quality Open Source Projects to Learn Python

Python is a simple and easy to use object oriented programming language. Python is now very popular thanks to its concise syntax and easy to learn concepts. Once you learn the basics and is capable of writing python programs, the next question is how to learn the pythonic way of writing large projects. This is […]