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How to Draw Diamond Shape ASCII Art in Python?

A common python programming problem given for beginners is to draw a diamond shape using star character as an ASCII art. For example, the following shows a diamond shape as ASCII art consisting of 9 rows, * *** ***** ******* ********* ******* ***** *** * Here is another diamond with 5 rows. * *** ***** […]

How to Store a File as an Azure Vault Secret

Azure vault offers a highly secure way of storing secrets used in your applications. Azure vault natively supports keys used in encryption, SSL certificates or simple text secrets such as passwords. It is easier to use azure vault secrets in applications deployed under Azure app service. You can simply specify it as a key vault […]

What is the Maximum Size of a MongoDB Document?

MongoDB is a NoSQL database which can store JSON like documents in containers known as collections. There is no technical limit as to how many documents can be stored in a MongoDB collection. However, current versions of MongoDB has a limit on the maximum size of a single document stored in a collection. Since 1.7.4 […]

NextJS Build Issues with Mac M1 and Docker Desktop

While developing a NextJS web application with Mac M1 and docker desktop, I faced a number of issues. This article summarises the problems and how I solved it. The first issue I faced was during the docker container build from the NextJS folder with a Dockerfile. I used the following command to build the container […]

How to Add robots.txt File to NextJS App

In this article, I will explain the significance of robots.txt in a NextJS project and how you can add both static and dynamic robots.txt file to your web app. NextJS is a popular front-end JavaScript framework built on top of ReactJS. NextJS enables development of fast and responsive web apps with features such as static […]