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Tips to Build Fast Web Applications

Introduction – The Need for Fast Web Applications If you are a web developer building public web applications, it is very important to consider site performance as one of the primary requirements. A faster web application provides better customer experience and can lead to higher revenues. Site performance is also important for better visibility in […]

How to Reduce Azure VM Cost?

Are you frustrated with increasing Azure cloud costs? For most Azure workloads, the biggest factor affecting the cost is the Azure VM resource. However, it is possible to reduce VM cost by adopting a set of strategies in provisioning and using the VM resources. This article provides 10 tips you can use today to reduce […]

GraalVM What is it?

Features of GraalVM GraalVM is a high performance JDK with a focus on 3 core features – high performance, compiled native app and polyglot programming. It is a drop-in replacement for Java 11 and Java 17. GraalVM community edition is an open source project with over 3.6 million lines of code contributed by the GraalVM […]

Recommended Books for Beginning Python Programmers

Python is currently the most popular programming language. Due to its simplicity and expressive power it is being used across the world as the first language to teach programming. It is also now used in advanced programming use cases such as data science, machine learning and statistics. With a powerful and large library of code, […]

How to Generate QR Codes Using Python

What is a QR Code? A QR code (Quick Response code) is a two dimensional barcode used popularly in product tracking, item recognition, document tracking and general marketing. It is also now commonly used in entry tickets since it can be easily scanned using a QR code scanner in a mobile. Standard QR codes can […]