What is New in Spring Boot 2.0

Spring Boot 2 is a major upcoming release (scheduled for November 2017) with a number of dependency upgrades. Spring boot requires a more recent version of the following tools and frameworks.

  • Spring Boot 2 requires spring framework 5 or above. Spring framework 5 now requires Java 8 and Java EE 7 API. It also has full compatibility with JDK 9. Spring 5 also requires Tiles 3 and Hibernate 5 (older versions are no longer supported). Spring 5 also introduces a number of features for reactive programming model.
  • Spring Boot 2 requires JDK 8 or later. It won't work on JDK 6 and 7!
  • Spring Boot 2 requires Jetty 9.4 or above, Tomcat 8.5 or above, Hibernate 5.2 or above and Gradle 3.4 or above.

Following are some of the core changes in spring boot platform,

  • The spring security and spring session filters are now auto-configured with ASYNC, ERROR, and REQUEST dispatcher types. This is to align spring boot defaults with spring 5 defaults.
  • The @ConditionalOnBean now uses logical AND for combining conditions (this was OR in spring boot 1.x). This is an important change for spring boot 1.x to 2.x migration.
  • Spring boot 2.x removed support for the CRaSH remote shell since the CRaSH project itself is no longer actively supported.

If you are interested in the upcoming spring boot releases and spring boot roadmap, check out the official milestones page.