Spring Boot Programming Tips

How to Disable Spring Boot Banner

When you start a spring boot application, the spring logo is printed on the console using ascii art. In spring boot terminology this is known as the boot startup banner. In default configuration, the startup banner is the first output printed on the console. . ____ _ __ _ _ /\\ / ___’_ __ _ […]

Quick Microservice Prototyping With Spring Boot CLI

Spring boot command line interface (CLI) can be used to quickly create microservice backend prototypes. If you are not familiar with spring boot cli, see our earlier articles – introduction to spring boot cli and introduction to spring boot framework. In this article, I will show you how quickly you can create spring based microservice […]

How to Use Spring Boot CLI

Spring boot cli is a command line tool available as part of the spring boot framework. This tool can be used to quickly create and run spring boot applications. Using spring boot cli you can, Run spring controllers written in groovy directly on embedded tomcat server. Package spring controllers written in groovy as a standalone […]

Tutorial – Spring Boot Application Development Using STS

Spring Boot is a framework/tool suite for building spring based web applications. It has a set of tools for quick development/deployment of spring based applications. Using a set of default conventions it enables developers to quickly develop apps with very little configuration. It even has an embedded tomcat web server for quickly running applications as […]

How to Use CommandLineRunner in Spring Boot Application

CommandLineRunner is a simple spring boot interface with a run method. The run method of all beans implementing the CommandLineRunner interface will be called automatically by the spring boot system after the initial boot. To see CommandLineRunner in action, just add the following class to your existing Spring Boot Application. When you run your application, […]