Spring Boot Programming Tips

How to Change Log Level in Spring Boot

Spring boot has no mandatory dependency on any of the logging implementations. Spring boot only depends on commons logging API interface.  Commons logging API is a very thin bridge between logging clients and logging implementations. This enables application and framework writers to decouple application logging from actual logging implementations. Spring boot follows this approach and  […]

Spring Boot Quartz Scheduler Integration

Configuring quartz scheduler in a spring boot application requires a number of steps. This tutorial assumes that you already have a simple spring boot application up and running. Please see this tutorial on developing spring boot applications with spring tool suite if you are not familiar with setting up a simple spring boot application. The […]

Running Spring Boot Application on Jetty Server

Follow these instructions to create a simple spring boot application using Spring Tool Suite(STS). The steps are similar for eclipse IDE. Running Spring Boot App on Jetty Server The default embedded application server used by spring boot is tomcat. When a spring boot starter project is created using the spring-boot-starter-web dependency, it includes an embedded […]

History of Spring Framework and Spring Boot

Introduction Spring framework is arguably one of the most popular application development frameworks used by java developers. It currently consists of a large number of modules providing a range of services. These include a component container, aspect oriented programming support for building cross cutting concerns, security framework, data access framework, web application framework and support […]

Spring Boot Crud Application Tutorial with MongoDB

Welcome to this quick tutorial on creating a spring boot crud application with MongoDB database. This tutorial assumes that you are familiar with Java web applications, spring framework, MongoDB and gradle build system. This tutorial also uses spring tool suite(STS) as the IDE. If you are not familiar with STS, check out getting started with […]